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August 2010 Thrasher Magazine
August 2010 Thrasher Magazine

This is one if the sickest issues we've made this year. If you're on the Eastern Seaboard, in Arizona, or South of the Border, you want this mag! Epic Eli Reed cover, frontside hurricane (or is it a blizzard?) 12- feet up in Cambridge's C-Bowl.Cole, Kalis, and Ramondetta get down with Nick Dompierre. Justin Brock talks Five Great Things about Southern Livin'. Whether Google Earth or green Martians, something strange is guiding John Motta. Toy Machine blazes through North Carolina, and Mike Sinclair's got some 'splainin' to do over a very suspect roller rink photo. Also in this mag: Sean Malto vs The Black Pearl, Habitat hits Guadalajara, Sieben teaches you how to bum your friends out on a roadtrip, Viva Brujeria, The Game, and Hillstomp.