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Thrasher Magazine August 2016
Thrasher Magazine August 2016
Thrasher Magazine August 2016
Elijah Berle charges across and down a wrought-iron mountain, securing the front of the Bible for August 2016. More handrail heavy hits inside with a feature-length Kyle Walker interview. Other interviews include Jerry Gurney, Erick Winkowski, Oscar Candon and new Cliché pro, Max Geronzi. Travel-wise, WKND packs their bags and heads to the East Coast and Real migrates north to French Canada. Jesse Vieira gets the Lunatic Fringe treatment, Chris Joslin busts instead of bails at the San Diego triple set (and scores the Somethin' Else) and Sage Elsesser finds himself on the Firing Line. Add to it a blistering 12-page photo feature and this one's thick as a brick and twice as heavy.
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