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Thrasher Magazine November 2016
Thrasher Magazine November 2016
Thrasher Magazine November 2016
Justin "Figgy" Figueroa graces another epic front with his patented crooks grab-over into a concrete mountain. More Figgy-ness inside with a hellacious 12-page interview. There's more Emericans up in the pages too: Kevin "Spanky" long gets grilled, Collin "Spider" Provost sets some pages on fire and Jerry Hsu breaks down his entire videography to date. Made 2 is one of the heaviest vids in recent history; learn a little of the backstory and act like you know. Upfront, Jonathan "Jahn Brute" Perez gets the Lunatic Fringe treatment and we talk to the pros and bros about their thoughts on skateboarding being in the 2020 Olympics. Like it or not, that shit's coming down the pike. On the travel tip, Asphalt Yacht Club set sail for Tokyo to shred some spots and have dinner with Tommy Hilfiger and Cory Kennedy and friends score some NBDs in the Northwest. And just when you thought we couldn't cram any more badass shit in this issue—we got an interview with the Brazilian boss, Tiago Lemos! We also interviewed Damian Jurado and Ice-T, so that's pretty tight too.
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