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Thrasher Magazine April 2018
Thrasher Magazine April 2018
Never one to rest, Jamie F'n Foy back Smiths (and gaps out) straight onto his SOTY issue cover. Hellacious Skater of the Year article inside as Jamie and his boys terrorize Melbourne and lay its spots to waste. T-Puds, Lizard King, Zion, Jackson Pilz and many more homies turn it up Down Under. All SOTY trips are beast but this one is straight-up ridiculous. Travel-wise, the Hellride Crew hike it to Quito, Ecuador to shred (and repair) some sacred 'crete. See it, find it, want it, get it! And a little closer to home, the top ladies of 'boarding hit the highway and attack Arizona. We hope trips like this become a common occurrence. Elsewhere in the prolific pages, Arto Saari talks about the year he got SOTY (2001), K-Walks discusses passing the torch to Foy Boy, Mark Suciu pontificates on tasteful trick combos and the T-Eddy Awards once again crown (and clown) everybody in their path. This issue is thick and sick like your favorite uncle's goiter.
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