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Thrasher Magazine March 2019
Thrasher Magazine March 2019
Twenty-two years after J Wray’s fateful flight, Clive Dixon steps into the void—this time with a 16-stair boardslide. Not many covers start with writing a will… Welcome to March, 2019! More Clive inside by way of mirrored frontside flip lips celebrating switch precision. Robbie Brockel and Carlos Ribeiro get the Thrasher interview treatment; Deedz finds himself on the Lunatic Fringe; Phelps and the Hellriders get bio in Ohio—other tales of travel have Vans venturing to Spain, Cons conjuring up Mexico and Emerica trekking it to Tokyo. Worldwide domination! And if you hate reading, we got a 14-page Photo Feature for your eyes to bleed to and the debut of Mark Gonzales’ new column: Abnormal Communication! Grab the scissors and some thumbtacks—this whole issue should go up on your bedroom walls. You’re welcome, Mom.

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