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August 2007 Issue
August  2007 Issue
August 2007 Issue
Inside: FLIP SHOCKS SHANGHAI: Burnett took Burnquist and the boys deep into China for some culture and hits at the world's largest skatepark. Bob-gnar went on a massacre, killing each of the Shanghai crete's 50,000 square-feet. Rodrigo TX, Rowley, and Appleyard shocked the streets, treating Earth's biggest population to some smooth shredding. Shanghai will be on your "Before I die" list after flipping through these pages- COULDA BEEN A BUDDY HOLLY STORY: Ponts got wings! After completing the requirements for a commercial pilot's license, John rented a Cessna and took Rhino, Partanen, and Navs on a filming trip from San Diego to Vegas. Read all about the empty pools they found from the air, what it's like to fly through thunderstorms over the mountains, and find out if Ponts joined the Mile High Club yet, HEADS: Brent Atchley, Sean Malto, and Colt Cannon sound off on the gnarliness of Burnside, being a guest on Rob & Big, and-of course, MySpace, ZOUNDS: Iggy lives, Lifesavas drop mad flavor, Goatwhore ups the crust, and Against Me! are on the road forever, spreading rock to the masses.