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November 2013 Thrasher Magazine
November 2013 Thrasher Magazine

A quick glance at the cover is enough to let you know that this issue is coming for your throat. Ishod's kickflip back lip, out and down is only the blood on the knife. The rest of the assault continues in his 16-page interview (hope you're not afraid of heights). Anti Hero celebrates 18 years with recollective tales from your favorite eagles of the past and present. Dekline takes it to the nuts during a midsummer nightmare, yet lives to tell the story. And Pretty Sweet hits the road to give the fans even more of what they want. Still hungry? Rick McCrank closes the curtains with an interview full of all the stoke you've come to expect from the all-terrain ripper. If you're over thirty (or just know your skate history), we'll leave you with these three names: Phillips, Blender and Miller. Sold.

Watch a video "First Look" at this mag with Sean Malto:

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