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October 2013 Thrasher Magazine
October 2013 Thrasher Magazine

With a tré flip so huge it wouldn't even fit on a normal cover, Brandon Westgate welcomes you into the October issue with a gatefold ditch flight. Delve deeper and check out Westgate's full-length interview along with fourteen pages of gnar from fellow Emerican Collin Provost. Supra invades the Eastern Bloc and lives to tell the tale, Brixton avoids water hazards as they scour the American West for terrain, and Evan Smith destroys Pittsburgh's roughest spots. And just in case your deck is looking lonely, this issue comes with a free sticker sheet to slap on your wood. Don't say we never gave you anything. 

Watch a video "First Look" at this mag with Tony Cervantes and Nick Boserio:

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