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July 2007 Issue
July 2007 Issue

Inside: Cairo Foster comes through with 18 heavy pages of proper skateboarding, filled in with a conversation The Phelper had with him about his childhood in Egypt, the early days on Real and Mad Circle, and a killer list of his top five all-time favorite skaters, Guess who's number one? We also opened up the vaults and dusted off some ancient flicks of Allen Losi, Jeff Phillips, Cab, Gonz, and Tommy G. The roots of gnar-recognize! Back to the kids, David Broach spent some time in a hotel room with the Circa crew at the Phoenix Am, The youngsters went off with some wild rides both on and off the board, making David feel like he was up a little past his bedtime. Plus: Catch up with the Mystery crew as they throw down the closing tricks for their vid, Heads interviews with Tony Tave and Sammy Baca, Zounds features on Sparklehorse, Rocket from the Crypt, Delly Ranx, and Earthless.