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November 2007 Issue
November 2007 Issue

Cover: Steve Nesser Inside: Steve Nesser starts off November with one of the longest 50-50s you'll ever see-think 44 stairs-and keeps it going inside with 14 more pages of flicks, Minneapolis Represent! Darren Navarrette built a halfpipe on the beach in San Diego for a little 4th of July party, Lovely ladies lurked, Nihilist rocked all day long- Even Heddings was there- Check the festivities starting on page 130, "The Strangest Show On Earth": David Broach and the Circa team headed to Europe a couple months ago, First stop: Amsterdam, We can't get into everything in this description, but your eyes'll be bleeding after scoping the mayhem, More Europe, Hurley's skate vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Diego Bucchieri, and Lucas Puig interviews, along with the zounds of Demassek, Annihilation Time, and The Vicious.