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November 2008 Thrasher Magazine
November 2008 Thrasher Magazine
November 2008 Thrasher Magazine

Hijinx Inc: Baker has a Deathwish, and they ain’t afraid to let anybody know about it. Greco, Baca, Lizard King, Spanky, and Antwaun pillage the land, setting a new bar for road trip mayhem in the process—Bust Or Bail: Sheckler and Reynolds get hectic on the Bernal Heights Rail at Paul Revere elementary. Check all the hits that went down at Thrasher’s epic Big Hits contest —Lance Mountain Stays Home: It’s been over 20 years since his infamous backyard ramp in Alhambra, CA. With a new Flip vid on the horizon, Lance gets back to his roots with a killer pit in his own backyard. Take in a killer history lesson and check the status of his vid part through this 14-page interview—Also in the mag: Mike Mo Capaldi and David Reyes are Heads; Ernie Torres’ favorite things; Look back on Rick Ibaseta; check out Ben Gilley’s new ink, and the Zounds of Chromeo,, Isis,, and King Khan.

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