Thrasher Magazine January 2018

Holy F'n Foy! Big Boy Jamie goes front crooks down El Toro, landing front and center on the January 2018 cover. Ring in the new year! Huge Foy feature inside with plenty of head-scratching WTFs. He really is the people's champ. Fellow Flat Earther Chase Webb expounds upon the virtues of handrail hammers with six pages of certified sickness. On the travel front, Wayward wheels drinks in the good times in Deutschland and Nike messes with the Midwest. Vagabond-wise, Volcom hits the highway in their '83 Wanderlodge, annihilating America one spot at a time. Road Rage Rules! Concrete crusader Tom Scharr gets the Heads interview treatment along with awesome Aussie Gabriel Summers. Need a little more carnage? How about full coverage of Sam Hitz' Larbfest 2017: metal, mayhem, zines and zorchage! If this mag is any indication of things to come, 2018 is gonna be brutal!

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