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Thrasher Magazine March 2017
Thrasher Magazine March 2017
Thrasher Magazine March 2017
Legendary spot, legendary skater—Jim Greco graces the March front with a kickflip on some tight tranny. Four pages of Greco inside as he discusses his new short movie, Auteur. Lots more up-front goodness: Carlos Ribeiro talks some shit, Kevin Bækkel goes to war, an interview with skate-deck restorer Jesse Garza and a comprehensive Foundation family tree diagram for the true skate nerds to dissect. On the travel tip, Pizza gets hot in Spain and Quasi jump in the van for some shredding in the South. Then—hold on 'cause it's about to get weird—there's a 47-page Foundation Oddity article, which is guaranteed to freak your frickin' face off. Plus—there's a Metallica interview too. If this issue was any sicker it'd be on antibiotics.

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