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January 2008 Issue
January 2008 Issue
Cover: Marc Johnson Inside: This could be the most stacked Thrasher of the year! Check it: Before you even get to the mag, there's a free copy of the new Osiris DVD, Feed The Need, in every issue. And then the pages start turning- Need some points for your class reading list? You could write a book report on this one. Todd Taylor penned a hilarious article on the fight he and his friends put up to get a concrete skatepark in their Los Angeles neighborhood. If his words don't stoke your sense of civic duty and inspire you to get something done in your own hometown, nothing will. Then it's on to the ripping: The January mag features a whopping 44 pages covering the filming of both Lakai's Fully Flared and Habitat's Inhabitants (both of which'll probably be in your stockings come holiday time!), Joe Hammeke spent a week in New Jersey with Fred Gall, Tim O'Connor, and Steve Durante as they put the finishing touches on their Habitat footage, and Giovanni Reda hung out with the Lakai dudes for days as their deadline approached, Guy Mariano, Biebel, Jeff Lenoce, they're all in there-including 18 pages dedicated to the man of the hour, our SOTY-to-be Marc Johnson. We put together a grip of sequences from Marc's three-song part in Flared, highlighted by some choice quotes pulled from an interview he did as the filming was wrapping up. January's also got interviews with new Label pro Shuriken Shannon, Zero's John Rattray, Hosoi's big man, Andre Genovesi, and Slayer. See? We told you it was stacked. Get out your rain board, head down to the shop, and buy it up!