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October 2007 Issue
October 2007 Issue

Cover: Corey Duffel Inside: Corey Duffel may have mangled his leg recently, but not before compiling an epic 22-page interview full of harsh drops, sketchy gaps, and heavy grinds. Catch Corey's thoughts on shoplifting candy, Stevie Williams, and what he hates about his Wikipedia bio. No doubt about it, Corey's gnarly. If he wasn't broke, would Foundation have taken KOTR?, Evil Twins - Sean and Nial Fredrickson are identical twins with Satanic tats, sixth senses, and even sicker skate skills, Blog Drama - Burnett takes RVCA to the Great White North and texts all about it, Diplomatic Immunity; The Cliche team visits NYC, Reda gets the flicks and a few feelings about France off his chest, Four Corners - Chris Senn's diary and drawings from his time spent in the ditches and bowls of the Southwest with Hammeke, Toad, and Tyler Mumma, Zounds- Aesop Rock, Sundowner, Phenomenauts, SSS.