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Thrasher Magazine September 2019
Thrasher Magazine September 2019
Raney gets fully inverted in the deep end for our September ’19 cover letting you know right away that this issue is going turn your mind upside-down. YAKWTFGO when Spitfire takes a trip—complete destruction. The massive crew of 22 camped out for two weeks and burned the Northwest to the ground. These guys are veterans when it comes to roughing it out to get the job done. Straight carnage! On the travel tip, Morocco welcomes the Cons teams with open arms—well, sort of. Every trip has its obstacles. Luckily, these guys are some of the smoothest out. New terrain? No problem. Andrew Reynolds, Spanky, Suciu and the rest of the RVCA squad try to escape the screens and takes the quest of a lifetime through the backcountry of Europe. We talk shop with the one and only Geoff Rowley. His career, his future and celebrating 20 years with Vans. This interview is colossal. Pedro Barros also has a lengthy interview—from Brazil to the world, there is no stopping this guy. Erick Winkowski blows minds and scratches some heads with a pictogram puzzle; the Dickies team tears up New York, Walker Ryan on Wilshire Boulevard plus many more in this face-melting issue. Fire it up!