Subscription Information

When will I receive the first issue?

Domestic subscriptions take 10-12 weeks to start from the previous issue cut-off.

International subscriptions take 12-14 weeks to start from the previous issue cut-off.

Free t-shirts (if applicable) are typically sent within 1-3 weeks of ordering.

If you would like to know what the first issue in your subscription will be, or when the last issue cut-off was please email us at

We are not responsible for any issues missed due to invalid addresses given during checkout. Please be sure the shipping address is correct upon checkout.  

Missed or Damaged Issues

For domestic subscribers we offer one reship per subscription for any missed or damaged issues. For missed or damaged issues beyond the first reship will be made up with an extension of your subscription. After 2 extensions we recommend a partial refund for your subscription. If you are receiving multiple damaged or missed magazines, please reach out to your local post office to file a claim.

For international subscribers we offer an extension for any missed or damaged issues. After an extension of 3 issues we recommend a partial or full refund of your subscription. Please email for any missed or damaged issues. All subscriptions that miss a total of 3 consecutive issues will be cancelled, refunded and deemed undeliverable.

Please be sure your shipping address is up to date to ensure you do not miss any issues.

Renewing Your Subscription

You will receive a total of four renewal notices when your subscription is close to expiration. Two will be mailed to the address on file, and two will be sent to the email attached to the account. To ensure there is no gap in the subscription, please remit payment along with the first renewal notice. We do not replace any issues missed due to late renewals. You can either send a check or money order along with the form, or you can renew online. You can also renew or extend your subscription at any time by using the link below. Extend or renew my subscription

Updating Your Subscription Address

Address changes take 8 weeks to process. Please let us know you will be relocating as soon as possible to ensure you do not miss any issues. 

To change your address please follow this link, follow the instructions to locate your account. Update your address

If you are unable to update your address via the link, please email us at with the name on the subscritpion, your previous address and the new address.

We are not responsible for any issues missed due to invalid or no address change. 

Please note that if your address has been updated via USPS, this does not mean we were notified of the change. All address changes must be done via our website or email. 

Third-Party Agencies

Subscriptions made on third-party websites have an unusually long wait time due to the initial processing of your order done at these third-party agencies. Once the order is done processing at the third-party agency, it is then sent in the mail to our facilities (This first step of processing takes an additional 2-4 weeks.) Once the order has arrived in our facility, it is then entered in the same order it has received. All of our subscriptions have an 10-12 week lead time for subscriptions which is based on the cycles provided to us by our fulfillment center.

Free t-shirts are not included in subscriptions made on third-party websites. The promotion is only valid through our website.

The fastest and most reliable way to subscribe is directly through our website.

Cancelling Your Subscription

Subscription cancellations take 8 weeks to cycle. Please email to have your subscription cancelled.

Subscriptions older than 6 months are nonrefundable.

International customers who attempt to purchase a US subscription are subject to have their subscription cancelled (at any time) and orders will be refunded. International Customers must purchase the correct subscription at the correct rate.

Subscriptions for Incarcerated Individuals

Please note that in accordance with prison guidelines Inmates cannot receive a free t-shirt with their subscriptions and we do not ship the free item to an alternate address. Please note that subscriptions must be properly labeled (I.E Inmate ID after the last name, correctional institution in the company line etc).

We are not responsible for issues that are not received due to improper address submissions.

Please select: Inmate subscription without a free t-shirt

Subscription questions?

Please note that we do our best to ensure customers receive the magazines in their subscriptions but ultimately, we have no control over postal service error and magazines in your subscription do not come with tracking information. If a customer misses 3 magazines in a row we recommend a refund of the subscription.

Please contact us via email at for further information.