August 2008

Thrasher Magazine

Phelps, Hitz, TNT, and the rest of the Skate Rock crew ran the West Coast hard this summer, blazing through every pool, park, and bar between Las Vegas and Seattle. Pick up the mag and pretend you were along for the ride, Ryan Bobier's been dropping hammers in San Diego for over a decade, and his 12-page interview by Burnett and Jamie Thomas this month means he's officially gone pro. Get a sneak peak into the upcoming Mystery promo vid via the flicks on these pages, Ever heard of Charly Garcia? He's like the Argentine Mick Jagger but way more nutso. Burnett went to Argentina with The Butcher, Trapasso, Layton, Marks, and Duffel, and learned all there is to know about the South American rocker. The dude injected himself with mercury. Seriously, you want to know this stuff.Also in this mag: Guru Khalsa, Keegan Sauder, and Abdias Rivera Heads, and Toad and Salmon's Chili Bowl Cookoff.