June 2021

Thrasher Magazine
It’s not quite summer yet, but that’s not gonna stop Yuto from bringin’ the heat to our June ‘21 cover. Nollie backside 270 noseslide? Get this guy a chiropractor! More Yuto inside—our guy Lui Elliott interviews Mr. Horigome about crashing his new Tesla, fame in Japan and contract negotiations between Blind and April skateboards. Many more interviews are waiting—one of our favorite skaters/TMs John Gardner talks to Sam Hitz about US politics, COVID symptoms and a helluva handstand grind. Frankie Spears gets grilled about his Woodward reality-show stardom, Long-Island living and the guido stereotypes he may or may not live up to. Want a break from the States? Notable Drifter Sylvain Tognelli talks with Burnett about sucking at surfing and managing a career well into his 30s. And Nolan Miskell gets back on the horse after an ACL injury while Jake Illardi recounts a Hollywood High horror story. If tales of busted-open ballsacks aren’t your thing, maybe just zone out at the photos. Speaking of which, our 40th anniversary celebration is far from over and former staffer/legendary masterlensman Bryce Kanights shares some of his favorite images from his decade-plus run at the mag. Maybe BA’s front blunt on Hubba Hideout should be in every issue? If you’ve noticed a serious uptick in the amount of Russian vids online, that’s because it’s having a moment. Follow along the Volga River as a crew of Russian rippers shows off their picturesque spots and perfect Soviet-era plazas. Book your tickets now. Need a history lesson? Jump into our Epic Spots article about SF’s Union Square with photos of Jason Lee, Jeff Kendall, Rodney Mullen and modern favorites like Brian O’Dwyer and Ishod. Zero’s rail assassin Chris Wimer chimes in with his Five Greats, covering the best Southern skaters and conspiracy theories on the same spread. For some actual insanity, flip over to Arizona transplant Joe Milazzo’s Lunatic Fringe—fans of Jon Dickson and Cardiel, rejoice. Then hit the Zounds for some well-earned musical therapy with Warish, Benny the Butcher and LA Witch. This is sure to be a classic mag, so if you don’t pick this one up, you’re fried. Still.