November 2021

Thrasher Magazine
Tyshawn Jones scores his third Thrasher front, soaring a switch ollie over the length of an LA table for our Nov ’21 cover. That’s some SOTY sh!t right there. More hangtime inside on the Contents spread as Chima Ferguson sails down the massive St. Martin’s Place double set. (Flip the mag 90 degrees to take in the enormity of it.) Getting into the thick of it, Jordan Trahan hits with some high-poppin’ heat in his 5 Greats feature. My War! finds Diego Todd battling a glass bank, narrowly escaping with the clip and his head still on his shoulders. We check in with Vegas icon Braydon Szafranski to talk about big wins from the city of sin. On the travel tip, Papke fled the States to hit Spain with Austyn Gillette, Sammy Montano and the Globe gang. Need more Euro vibes? An interview with Didrik “Deedz” Galasso should suffice. His offbeat moves, beautiful bank rips and sub-zero clips are just what we all needz. BFFs Curren Caples and Jake Anderson go head to head for a VS feature, touching on Koston moments, reasons to ride for Skate Mental and window shitting. That’s not a typo… Stateside, Girl gets the crew back together, skippin’ through the Southwest with Simon, Griffin, Manch and the grown-ups. McCrank even signed up to pen the article. Then we look back with one of the best to ever do this damn thing—Pat Duffy breaks down his early sponsors, filming for Questionable, buying Phelps’ ramp and christening Hollywood High in his Meet Your Heroes feature. We still think he might be a Terminator. And speaking of legacies—Adam Arunski, Jonno Gaitan, Reggie Kelly and Zero’s am squad chomp down on big rails before reflecting on living up to the brand’s hard-hitting history. Tying it all up, we’ve got Z-Best photo feature, staffer Dan Zaslazsky’s favorite flicks from his storied tenure at the mag. And with your brain properly scrambled, we kick back with some Zounds. First it’s The Larb’s Ladies of Metal highlighting a brutal cast of head-bangin’ women followed by Joey Shithead from DOA riffing on punk rock and politics. Pick this up or kick rocks.