June 2009

Thrasher Magazine

You know times are tough when your two scheduled trips to Dubai turn into lesser tours of Albuquerque and the Left Coast. Burnett boards the Volcom van with Appleyard, Darrell, Catfish, Gravette, and Grant Taylor to kill California.JAKE DUNCOMBE Fresh off his 21st birthday rager, Jake's in it for a long time and a good time. Kicking Mapstone off the wagon, going to buy contraband and coming home with a new BMW instead, hefty seaside kickflips and nosegrinds over deathboxes—Duncombe kills.THE NUGEDon Nguyen is gnarly. Check 14 pages of sick flicks and big drops, and learn all about what it'd be like to grow up as a Vietnamese American in an Oklahoma pool hall.Also in this mag: The Nike team gets chased around Spain by ATM machines, Fort Miley is an Epic Spot, Tommy Sandoval's That's My Shit, and the Zounds of Zero Boys, Jason Lytle, The Damned, and POS.