June 2018

Thrasher Magazine
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Louie Lopez puts a new twist on a classic LA spot and backside noseblunt slides right onto the June 2018 cover. Crack it open and strap on a seatbelt ‘cause it’s gonna get dicey! Comix is back with some skate-rat inspired inkings courtesy of Gnartoons. Hate art? No worries! Concrete-crushing coverage of the first-annual Lower Bobs P-Stone invitational should clear your palette, handwritten by Julien Stranger himself. South of the Border, Levi’s trucked it to Mexico City and Al Partanen got his face kicked in. Tricks got stomped, too, so it wasn’t all doom and gloom. Meanwhile back in TX, Burnett ventured out to the Thrasher Texas Death Match and got the greatest hits from the mosh pit and the streets! And if you’re feeling blue, Cons Purple vid is here to pick you up—68 pages of behind-the-scenes photos, interviews, words from the director and even some facts about goats. Yeah, goats! This one’s so thick you can prop up a sidewalk grate with it. Get some.