August 2019

Thrasher Magazine
Mark Suciu takes his patented quick snaps to a backside 50-50, grinding onto the August cover and just like that—he’s back! Full Suciu interview inside. His higher education has given him a new perspective on skateboarding and he’s ready for a new chapter. Magnus opus? Nah, he’s here for the long haul. The tenth annual Wheels of Fortune in Seattle proved to be the biggest and best one yet, and the King of the Road-inspired Witch Hunt ruled once again. We back the Sheckler tat. On the road again, the Bronson crew gets down and dirty in the South. Chicken wasn’t the only thing these guys were chompin’ on—Big Boy Foy, Delfino, Dixon, Ducky, Alexis Ramirez and Winkowski devoured every rail in sight. The Girl fam went on a mission to Melbourne. Don’t bother them, they’re on Smoko. Other travel tales have the FA/Hockey squad trekking it to the EU for some beach daiquiris and street sessions. File under “closely related,” Jason Dill interviews Donovon Piscopo about living and dying in LA and filming for Nike’s Trust Fall flick. The road of drugs and alcohol is a very slippery slope. Elissa, Andrew Reynolds, AVE and more OGs explain how they got over it and found themselves on the road to recovery. Need help? Just ask. And as if that’s not enough, Dane Barker and Roman Pabich get the Heads interview treatment, T-Funk funks with NYC and Panda Bear and Schoolboy Q both have Zounds interviews. Summer’s just heating up but this issue is already HOT!