Thrasher Magazine September 2017

Clive Dixon goes Hail Mary down a 25-stair rail, lipsliding onto the cover of the September issue. Full Clive interview inside, along with coverage of all the other Birdhousers (Clint Walker, Ben Raybourn, Jaws, Lizzie Armanto, David Loy, Shawn Hale, young recruit Reese Salken and even the Birdman himself) celebrating their latest opus: Saturdays. T-Hawk's crew crushes! On the travel tip, Phelps breaks down the Spitfire X Thrasher (aka Thrash N Burn) trip to Europe. Fire it up! Throw in an interview with young buck Tristan "T-Funk" Funkhouser, 5 Greats with Kevin Rodrigues, Burnout talking 'bout 'Twuan and Sieben reminiscing about having a gun pulled on him and this issue is is heavier than your dad's old vert deck! Get some.